April 1 –April 30, 2024


One eRead Canada 2023 once more partners with CBC: Tatouine

One eRead Canada has partnered with CBC and Radio-Canada during the month-long digital, national, bilingual book club for the last 3 years.

CBC/R-C has provided the One eRead Canada program with excellent hosts for our flagship events, interviewing the author and /or translators of the featured title in that particular year.  CBC and Radio-Canada broadcasters like Shelagh Rogers (2023 is her third year with One eRead!), and in French, Kevin Sweet, Marie-Louise Arsenault and this year, Émilie Perreault, have engaged the authors and translators in riveting conversations.  The literary creators have been Kim Thúy (Vi), Katherena Vermette, Melissa Verreault (The Break/ Ligne brisée), and this year, Jean-Christophe Réhel and translators Katherine Hastings and Peter McCambridge (Ce qu’on respire sur Tatouine/ Tatouine) in memorable interviews for online audiences to enjoy. CBC/Radio-Canada talent lend their professional skills to probing the literary gems that have been featured over 3 years of this national bilingual book club.

CBC/Radio-Canada is also promoting Tatouine from Jean-Christophe Réhel on CBC Corner, the new library portal.  Readers can visit CBC Corner on most public library websites to read articles about the author and his publications and to register for the live interview with the book’s translators on April 19th, 2023.

A unique offering this year, there is a French audio book adaptation of Ce qu’on respire sur Tatouine available on the Radio-Canada OHdio digital platform. Download the app or click here to listen. 

Many thanks to CBC/Radio-Canada for their support of One eRead Canada!

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