One eRead/Un Livrel Canada is a digital, bilingual, cross-Canada book club initiated by
the Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) to promote digital reading awareness and issues
for public libraries.

This program is an opportunity to demonstrate the positive impact of public libraries and advocate for better access to eContent. To do so, we will measure the immediate and residual impacts of the program as well as the correlation between circulation and sales. Working with vendors and libraries, CULC/CBUC will gather statistics to signify the impact of the program and will share the results with publishers, vendors, libraries, and other stakeholders including:

  • Library checkouts/holds – vendor provided
  • Library checkouts/holds of other books by the author – vendor provided
  • Book sales data
  • Social media mentions (twitter, Facebook, other) – library provided
  • Anecdotal data

We hope that libraries are able to provide statistics, but do not want it to be a barrier to participating.  We will ask participating libraries to enter their data once, at the end of May. An email will be sent providing a link to the form for data entry.  

Les petites presses canadiennes fournissent du contenu électronique aux bibliothèques à une fraction du coût des grandes maisons d'édition. Consultez leurs catalogues de titres, vous vous verrez, vous, vos voisins et les personnes que vous devez rencontrer dans leurs histoires.

Small Canadian Presses provide eContent to libraries at a fraction of the cost of larger publishing houses. Check out their titles, you will see yourself, your neighbours and the people you need to meet in their stories.

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