2023 One eRead Canada


By Jean-Christophe Réhel, translated by Katherine Hastings and Peter McCambridge from the original French, Ce qu’on respire sur Tatouine.

Tatouine Book Cover in iPad

On Tatouine Being Chosen

“When I was younger, there wasn’t a ton of books in the house. I discovered literature thanks to the libraries in my schools. In elementary school, stumbling upon La Courte Échelle books. Then, fiction novels in high school. My college library introduced me to poetry. Then, in the cities I moved to; I read books on art, history and mechanics. Books, I loved some, I hated some, I read a few and leafed through thousands. Each library has taught me something. Each library has taught me something. Each library has opened a door no bigger than a quarter in my head. Now I have loose change coming out of my mouth and ears, and I’m glad to be so rich in my head. It’s a real honour to be part of the One eRead Canada book club.”

Jean-Christophe Réhel (translated)