About Kim Thúy

Kim Thuy author photo

Photo by: Jean-Francois-Briere

Born in Saigon in 1968, Kim Thúy left Vietnam with the boat people at the age of ten and settled with her family in Quebec.

A graduate in translation and law, she has worked as a seamstress, interpreter, lawyer, restaurant owner, and commentator on radio and television.

She lives in Montreal and devotes herself to writing.

Other Books

  • Ru (2009)
  • À toi (2011), co-written with Pascal Janovjak
  • Mãn (2013)
  • Vi (2016)
  • Le secret des Vietnamiennes (2017)
  • Em (2020)


Thúy’s debut novel Ru won the Governor General’s Award for French-language fiction at the 2010 Governor General’s Awards. An English edition, translated by Sheila Fischman, was published in 2012. The novel was a shortlisted nominee for the 2012 Scotiabank Giller Prize and the 2013 First Novel Award. The novel won the 2015 edition of Canada Reads, where it was championed by Cameron Bailey.

In 2016, Thúy published her third novel, Vi. An English translation, again by Fischman, was published in 2018. The book was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2018 Scotiabank Giller Prize.